Join the nation of IMVU. After joining please read the how to get citizenship. If you have account login and have fun with daily life roleplaying as a citizen, government leader or civil servant.

The federal government of IMVU is the national government of the constitutional republic of the people that is on IMVU. The federal government comprises three distinct branches of government: a legislature, an executive and a judicial.
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 How it Works

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VI A. Legislative Branch and Judge elections shall be held every two months. To be eligible to stand
for election, a candidate must have been a member of the government for at least 4 weeks.

VI B. If a Senator or a Judge becomes unable to do his/her job for any reason, a special election shall
be held immediately to fill the seat. The electoral process shall be the same as if it was a regular
election and the newly elected official shall serve until the next regular election.

VI C. If the citizena of IMVU nation is dissatisfied with the performance of
one of its elected officials, it can conduct a recall election. If the recall election is successful, elections
must immediately be held to fill the recalled official’s seat. The new official that is elected will serve
until the end of the official s/he replacement's term. The recall process is as such:

VI C 1. A petition is posted in the Government Commons stating the reasons for the recall

VI C 2. 20 citizens of IMVU must sign the petition for the recall for the
process to go forward

VI D 3. The Supreme Court commence a recall election poll that will last 7 days.

VI D 4. If 66% of a quantity of members equal to 1/2 or more of those that voted in the last election
vote in favor of the recall, the Senator or Judge will be removed from office.
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How it Works
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